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Trade Marketing App for merchandisers and promoters.

Retailers and marketing staff will be able to automate their activities in the supermarket in a single App.


We make your life easier, control and automate all your sales processes.

We think of the ideal solution for you.

Application modules.

Creation and optimization of routes.

Through a monitor you can see the activities carried out in each region, district, city, supervisor, promoter, area manager in real time.

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Analysis of your competition.

It will allow you to identify your competitors in detail and evaluate their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Create statistical reports.

Create statistical reports such as reasons for returns, number of deliveries, how many redeliveries, among others.

Geolocation by segmentation and potential.

You will be able to track your sales teams, assign the best sequence to follow the route. In addition, you can create sales strategies according to the funnel to increase visits, among many other solutions that will help you increase your field sales.

Delivery invoices, geolocation and route optimization

Your supermarket promoter will be able to report stocks, product recalls, promotional material, geolocation and many other tools in real time.


We also have important modules such as:


All captured information goes to a website in a control panel so administrators and managers will have everything in real time.

Intelligence & speed

With the help of our technology.
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Intuitive sales tools.

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Increase your sales ticket with AI.

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Reduce inventory shrinkage.

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Improve your route visiting customers.

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Real-time field data.

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Direct integration with ERP.

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Increase field time productivity.

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Automatic and predictive sales information.

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Automate sales, inventory, quoting, routing.

Meet some of the projects of the companies that today trust us.

We implemented our sales application for their projects, increasing their goals and improving their demand.

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