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Móvil Ventas

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Automation and management for your commercial and logistic processes.

We are the perfect complement to your ERP and CRM.

Find out how we can help your teams...

Sales, marketing and service teams work in sync, having a 360° view of all your customers.

Your time is very important.

Understand where your business is at all times.

Have a global vision, from each sales opportunity to the big picture. Start simplifying the management of your business, automating tasks and streamlining all your processes.

We are experts.

Industries in which we work.

We have extensive experience in different industries, select the one that suits your needs and learn more.

Mass Consumption.

Animal food.

Food and beverages.

Tools and industrial accesories.

Products Toiletries.

Intelligence & speed

With the help of our technology.
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Intuitive sales tools.

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Increase your sales ticket with AI.

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Reduce inventory shrinkage.

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Improve your route by customers.

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Real-time field data.

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Direct integration with ERP.

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Increase field time productivity.

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Automatic and predictive sales information.

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Automate sales, inventory and processes.

We have the ability to customize the solution to your business needs for added value.

Our extensive experience allows us to count on:

+5.000 Users

Among sellers, transporters and merchandisers.

30 years of experience

Working as distributors of mass consumption products.

Ability to integrate

To any accounting system, ERP and CRM.

Success stories in 7 countries.

Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, El Salvador, Panamá, USA y México

More than 150 modules.

More than 60 projects.

We are Partners and Certified with SAP and AWS.

Integration with more than 18 ERP'S and accounting systems.

We are the ideal platform for you.

Our platform is able to automate all your commercial and logistic processes in a single solution, allowing you to guide conversations and decisions in real time.

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App for field sales force

Your sales force will be able to take orders, check inventory and collect print invoices, optimal routes, geolocation, etc.

Most used modules
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Logistics App for last mile.

Your drivers will have delivery invoices, successfully reporting dispatches or returns with their justification, they will have route optimization, geolocation, etc.

Most used modules
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Trade Marketing App for merchandisers

Tu promotor de supermercado podrá reportar stocks, planimetrías, retiros de productos, material promocional, geolocalización, etc.

Most used modules
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App for Supervision and Fieldwork.

You can create any type of form or checklist for your field user to fill out while checking their geographical route.

Most used modules
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E-Commerce B2B

Your customer will be able to take orders directly from the supplier with the added value of being integrated with the company's ERP, i.e., the customer will see the business rules defined by the customer.

Most used modules

We have developed more than 150 modules for our entire ecosystem.

In a single App you can integrate several tools.

We make your life easier.

Control and automate your entire field of operations.

We challenge you to streamline all your processes, starting by reducing costs and keeping control of your team's information in real time.

We have integrations such as: ​

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Funes Hartmann

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Grupo MÁS

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